Irish Influence Remains?

The McKennas’ former business hub, The George & Dragon, was now in the hands of brewers Walker & Homfray, but in the early decades of the 20th Century the pub might not have entirely lost its Irish connection as there is a distinct Irish ring to the surnames of the landlords of the pub over the next 27 years:

Year of License transfer Licensee
1910 Patrick Morley
1922 Thomas O’Donoghue
1924 Beatrice O’Donoghue
1926 John Carney
1932-37 Luke Mooney

And there remained a McKenna link, though perhaps tenuous, with the George & Dragon as Henry Gillow, son of Eleanor, nee McKenna, continued to sit on the Board of the new overlord company, Walker & Homfray, who were soon to make some changes and spend some cash on their Swan Street acquisition. All of which leads to the 20th Century history of the pub and its evolution into Band on the Wall…