Youth Needs Seminar and Book Signing


£5 U18s / £10 ADULT

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KAW Community Services Ltd is back in conjunction with BBC Radio Manchester to host this youth needs seminar and book signing event.

The aim of this event is to identify the needs of young people and their families and seek ways to meet those needs in a positive and enriching manner; in an attempt to motivate our youth to buy into self preservation by tapping into their individual purpose and embedding a more positive mindset.

We aim to achieve this by looking at the potential causes and triggers that perpetuate youth violence causing many young people to lose their lives on the streets. We aim to educate young people and families around their rights when being stopped and searched. Not only will we explore the ripple effects of crime, but we aim to provide meaningful aftercare support. Exploring proactive strategies, positively managing behaviours that challenge and impact the emotional well being of young people and their families.

Lastly we will conclude with solutions to enable our young professionals to win@life turning trials into smiles.

We have a plethora of speakers joining us on the night to motivate our young people to invest in the value of self-preservation.

1. Jeffrey Mohammed, a successful solicitor with a wealth of information and legal advice to share regarding your rights when stopped and searched. He will also discuss the stop and search initiative, evaluating the effectiveness of this policing tool, the surrounding controversy, its effectiveness and what is required to ensure this initiative makes a positive impact on young people and adults within the community.

2. Judah Racham who supports families in managing challenging behaviours which some of our youths exhibit.

3. Win at Life: A social entrepreneur looking at possible solutions to tackle knife crime by promoting the importance of personal freedom and creative power. Errol is a passionate philanthropist and mentor developing courses and programs that focus on mental health, self-preservation, and enterprise.

This will be a night of thought-provoking interactive activities, music, entertainment, and table top discussions to create further solutions to sustain change.

Light refreshments will be provided and bar facilities are available.