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Our accredited courses, delivered by the Manchester College, offer a unique opportunity to develop your skills and gain the qualifications needed to help kickstart a career in the music industry.

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“Band on the Wall is more than just a venue, we act as a tour producer, educator, promoter and producer of digital media and one of our key aims is to provide access routes to the amazing world of music and all the staff at Band on the Wall have an enormous amount of experience within the music industry, enjoying international careers with a wide variety of artists at different scales”
– Gavin Sharp, CEO Band on the Wall

“I’m in to music and I’ve always liked organizing, managing and media. The college has opened my mind to what opportunities are out there in music.”
Santana Guerout, Manchester College graduate and Events and Programming Officer at Band on the Wall

“The Manchester College has taught me a lot about the music industry as a whole and helped me to identify the areas I enjoy. If you are thinking of studying a music course, take as much from it as you possibly can. The more related things you do outside college, the better you will do during and after the course. Networking and building contacts will prove invaluable when you come to look for work.”
Ren Hall, The Manchester College graduate

“We believe in developing people and we are deeply committed to our partnership with The Manchester College”.
– Andrew Booth, Chair ICM Ltd (Band on the Wall)

“For the last 15 years or so, the Band on the Wall has been a constant source of inspiration to me, both from the incredible world class acts who have played there and as living proof that a varied & adventurous approach to programming can work in a venue.”
– Mr Scruff

“The Band on the Wall has been vital to the bloodstream of the music scene in Manchester and thus all of Britain…”
– Julian Joseph