Spherical Objects

Spherical Objects were an important representative of the Manchester, UK-based experimental independent post-punk scene of the late 70s (including other more or less experimental groups like The Passage, Steve Miro & The Eyes, Tirez Tirez and Grow Up). All these bands were hosted under the Object Music record label. Many of them shared musicians, thus the movement looked more like a musical collective (there was indeed a Manchester Musicians Collective, co-founded by Dick Witts of The Passage).

Leader and heart of the band was Steve Solamar (real name Steve Scrivener), a distinct song/lyrics writer with a peculiar vocal style that has been described as either "terrible",Trouser Press review or at least "idiosyncratic".Louise Alderman

In summer 1978, they recorded their first LP, Past And Parcel. Their best came with Elliptical Optimism (1979) and Further Ellipses (1980). The former still keeps contact with punk and 60s garage sound. Further Ellipses somewhere departs from the diy sound of previous releasesReview on Boomkat, October 2008 and puts more emphasis on ultra-romantic melodic synthesizer tunes (The "Final Part", "The Root"), a small share of Latin guitar melancholy and a better polished production. Nevertheless, tracks like Set Free betray the strong influence of gospel & rhythm & blues; an unusual feature for a British post-punk band of that period.

In 1980, Solamar collaborated with Steve Miro as the Noyes (i.e. "noise") Brothers, to produce more experimental music forms. They recorded a double LP (Sheep From Goats), which was far more unconventional than anything they had created with their own bands. Other Solamar projects were Warriors and Alternomen Unlimited, while John Bisset Smith was involved into the band Grow Up (all recording for Object Music).

In 1981, Spherical Objects recorded their last LP, No Man’s Land. It was a return to more archetypal rock forms like those perverted and twisted in Elliptical Optimism."

After 1981 very little information exists for Steve Solamar or other Spherical Objects members. Solamar changed genderSimon Reynolds, Rip It Up and Start Again: Post Punk 1978-1984 and, soon after No Man’s Land”, disbanded Spherical Objects and stopped supporting the Object Music label, because he wanted to make a radical change in his (her) life. Duncan Prestbury is now teaching at The Manchester College (formerly City College Manchester)Among else, he is listed in this unit], as retrieved in January 2009 and playing Nu-Jazz. He is also the co-founder of the production companies ganzfeldmusichttp://dprestbury.wix.com/gansfeld#!about Web page of ganzfeldmusic and FireTrain Music.http://www.firetrainmusic.com/#!composers Web page of FireTrain Music Between 2008 and 2010 [[LTM Recordings|LTM] undertook an extensive Object reissue program, including CD versions of all four Spherical Objects albums as well as the Noyes Brothers set.

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