Focus, FOCUS, or foci may refer to:

In science, mathematics or computing:

  • Focus (cognitive process), selectively concentrating on one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things
  • Focus (computing), which of a number of GUI elements currently accepts keyboard input
  • Focus (optics), a point toward which light rays are made to converge
  • Focus (linguistics), a concept referring to the way information in one phrase relates to information that has come before
  • Focus (earthquake), an earthquake’s underground point of origin or hypocenter
  • Epileptic focus
  • FOCUS, a database reporting program
  • FOCUS (hardware), a CPU architecture
  • Helicon Focus, an image software program
  • Focus (geometry), a key point in specifying a conic section or other plane curve
  • Samsung Focus, a smartphone manufactured by Samsung which runs Microsoft Windows Phone

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