Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band

Playing the most up-to-date old-time music around.

Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band are a travelling troupe of musicological minstrels, peddling the good Doctor’s unique good-time tonic to all four corners of the land. Formed from a secret combination of early blues and jazz forms, a sprinkle of ragtime, a dash of hot swing, the essence of sweet spiritual, a pinch of the oldest of old-timey melodies and a teaspoon of Vaudevillian and Music Hall showoffery. All whisked together with the most esoteric of folk rhythms.

The result is a morally good music which is replete with tones of joy and fulfilment.

This harmonic concoction is a natural aid to titillation and when taken as directed is a guaranteed restorer of vitality, vim and vigour.

Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band will present to you their good time rags and reels, show stoppers and sight stealers; music for foot stomping and toe tickling that joins hearts with flesh whilst invigorating the thinking mind. They stand before you as harbingers of gentility, bearers of ingenuity, possessors of conviviality, enhancers and champions of upright and virtuous behaviour and caretakers of chivalric honour.

The Band:

  • Dr Butler – Banjos, Ukulele,Harmonica, Washboard
  • Aidan Smith – Accordion, Piano
  • Papa John – Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Kazoo
  • Black Jack Barnet – Double Bass, Banjo Guitar, Ukulele
  • Dom Dudill – Fiddle


Their set incorporates early blues and jazz forms, ragtime, old-timey and folk idioms, spirituals and work songs alongside Music Hall and Vaudeville traditions.

Sample set list:

  1. Bad Butler
  2. Going Back to Manchester
  3. Vicky From The Chippy
  4. The Hatstand Waltz
  5. The Taxidermist
  6. The Girl With The Sweetest Curls
  7. Tongue Twister
  8. Backbiting
  9. The Rose In The Garden
  10. Beer Festival Calypso
  11. The Hatstand Hour