Coco Mbassi

Coco Mbassi (born 28 February 1969) is a female musical artist originating from Cameroon and based in Paris, France. Winner of the Radio France Internationale D√©couvertes Prize in 2001 with the song "Muenge Mwa Ndolo", she toured worldwide and her first album, Sepia, was released in 2001. This album was nominated in 2002 for the BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards, and won the German World Music CD Critics’ Awards. Her second album Sisea was released in 2003.

Prior to her solo career, she sang with various artists as a backing vocalist, live or in recording sessions (e.g. Salif Keita, the jazz band Sixun, Toure Kunda, Ray Lema, and many more).

She performed at Live 8, at the Eden Project, Cornwall.

A lover of music in general, some of her favourites being The Messiah of Handel, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley and the Cameroonian artist Dina Bell.

Her last release is a live tour DVD, Coco Mbassi Tour.

Coco is currently on tour with Totem (Cirque du Soleil) as the lead female vocalist of the production.

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