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Artist Focus: Night of the Living Dread ft. Mikey Don

Night of the living Dread ft. Serocee & Mikey D.O.N.

05 June / 23:00 / More Info / Buy Tickets

Night of the Living Dread, featuring Band on the Wall’s go to reggae selector Mikey D.O.N and special guest DJ Serocee returns to Band on the Wall on Friday 5th June. We caught up with Mikey D.O.N to get a selection of some of his favourite reggae tunes ahead of the night. Check out the playlist on Spotify here.

Barry Brown - Peace & Love

‘This tune epitomises what roots reggae music is all about. A message of living in unity no matter what colour, race or creed produced by Jah Thomas.’

Listen here

Capleton - Attack Dem

‘Capleton smashes it on this riddim. Do i need to say anymore?? "Attack dem with the righteous...”

Listen here

Gully Bop & Stylo G - Who She Want

‘Jamaica's man of the moment teams up with UK's dancehall sensation in a comical lyrical clash about which one of them the women would prefer to have in their life. Dancefloor filler.’

Listen here

Barrington Levy – Murderer

‘One of the sweetest voices in reggae music comes with an absolute 80's classic produced by Jah Life over the classic rework of Clement Dodd's 'Hot Milk' Studio 1 riddim.’ 

Listen here

Chronixx - Play Some Roots

‘Germany's Silly Walks stable comes up again with the goods and this collaboration with Jamaica's finest is a modern dancefloor hit. This riddim also features Dalton Harris, Shaggy and Ras Demo amongst others on this heavy riddim. Get familiar!!’

Listen here

Just announced: Gospel Live Lounge, 12th July.

Gospel Live Lounge

12 July / 18:30 / More Info / Tickets on sale soon

Pure Live Music presents Gospel Live Lounge.

Just announced: Secret Affair, 12th December.

Secret Affair

12 December / 20:00 / More Info / Buy Tickets

Legendary Mod Revival group Secret Affair, led by Ian Page & David Cairns, are back at Band on the Wall.

Secret Affair were the most popular of the Mod Revival scene groups of he late seventies and early eighties. From their very first gig, opening for The Jam at Reading University in February 1979, the band were adopted by a group of East End mods, who readily embraced Page’s Glory Boy concept. This group of fans began referring to themselves as Glory Boys. Secret Affair had become so closely linked to the emerging mod revival that in March 1979 Cairns wrote what would become the youth movement’s main anthem, “Time For Action”.

The debut single "Time for Action" sold a quarter of a million copies and firmly established the group's popularity by hitting No. 13 in the national UK charts and gaining the band a slot on "Top of the Pops". More chart success followed with “Let your heart dance”, "Sound Of Confusion", "Do you know" and "My World". Two incredible albums, “Glory Boys" & "Behind Closed Doors" cemented the band's reputation and led to them gracing the front cover of the NME, Smash Hits, Melody Maker & Sounds.

Just announced: Edward II present: Manchester's Improving Daily, 5th July.

Edward II present: Manchester's Improving Daily

05 July / 13:00 / More Info / Free Entry

EDWARD the SECOND present


This free pop up event produced by Band on the Wall and Edward the Second will feature live performances (Jennifer Reid, Edward II, others tbc), exhibition displays, talks, good food and real ales. Inspired by Edward II's discovery of the repertoire known as the Manchester Broadsides and the history and stories which lie behind the songs, the band would like to invite you to come and share this amazing repertoire, presented by local experts and performers.

Produced in Manchester throughout the industrial revolution, the songs tell of hardship, politics, social justice and good times as experienced in the nineteenth century. Often a way of spreading news, promoting events, places or businesses or spreading a political or social message, these songs were designed to have a short shelf life and as such were printed on cheap paper and distributed at the markets around what is now the northern quarter of the city.

The event will take place in the garden to the side of The Angel Inn, which features in the song 'The Soldiers Return', one of the most well known of the repertoire. Doors will open for the exhibition and presentations at 2pm with performances taking place between 4pm and 9pm. Edward the Second will be performing at 5pm and 8pm.

The Angel Inn, Rochdale Rd, Manchester

Sunday 5th July

Exhibition from 2pm, Performances 4pm - 9pm

Free entry for more info go to:

Artist Focus: Robyn Hitchcock

English songwriter Robyn Hitchock pours his wealth of experience into every song he writes. Working recently with producer Joe Boyd, his musical connections are strong with many of England’s great songwriters, and his latest work is among his strongest. We spoke to Robyn ahead of his show at Band on the Wall in June, asking about places to write, collaboration and his thoughts on Nick Drake.

As an artist who’s songs recall times and places and explore the details of everyday life, is the place you choose to write a song highly important to you? Do you like to travel to certain places to write?

I'm currently on the Isle of Wight where I wrote a good many songs over 20 years ago now. Hardly any of them were about the island but it was a good place to process my life into songs. When I'm making up songs, I need to stare at something; it could be the sea or a crack in the wallpaper...

You come to Band on the Wall with Emma Swift, an artist you recently recorded a single with for Record Store Day. Tell us what brought the two of you together, and how your styles work together.

Emma and I met at an Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell show. She's more 'Twangy' and I'm more 'Psych' - sounds like a 70's cop show: Psych & Twangy. We intersect at Gram Parsons, The Byrds, and Lucinda Williams - quite an intersection. We're both connoisseurs of the morose. Singing a couple of songs with Emma is the high point of the show.

I first encountered you on the Nick Drake ‘Way to Blue’ concert, covering a couple of tracks from Pink Moon. Is Nick Drake an important artist for you, and have his three albums informed your songwriting?

Nick Drake has a soft, stealthy sound and his music crept up on me over the years. Getting to know Joe Boyd and work with him also drew me in to the still evening beauty of Drake's songs; and the agonized resignation as his world glided downstream towards the waterfall. 

You’ve been with both major and independent labels in your career, and the debate between what is best for artists as they progress is an interesting one. How have you found the difference between major and independent labels? Have you ever had to compromise creatively under a labels direction?

Whoever you record with, or for, you have to know what you're doing and you have to give them direction about how you want to be perceived or they will make it up for you. This is less the case now - labels are now mostly banks that press and distribute your records for you, and may advance you some money in the process. If you make music that you think will sell to a lot of people, go to a major; if you feel that your appeal is more...specialist...then stay independent. That's what'll happen anyway

In a 30 year recording career, what have been the personal highlights? Have any particular songs remained key to your life and you fans?

30 years - I wish! It's 38 this year...My songs are often wiser than me, and feel a lot older. I'm glad there are people who still want to hear them. I'm getting good at interpreting other people's songs, too. Every year I keep playing is a highlight for me.

Robyn Hitchcock + Emma Swift

02 June / 19:30 / More Info / Buy Tickets

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