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Just announced: Soul:ution ft. Dub Phizix, Marcus Intalex, Tokyo Prose, Bane and MC DRS, 27th December.

Soul:ution ft. Dub Phizix, Marcus Intalex, Tokyo Prose, Bane and MC DRS

27 December / 23:00 / More Info / Tickets on sale tomorrow, 9am

Soul:ution is back to liven up the post-xmas slump.

With a stellar line up:

Dub Phizix (Estate, Soul:r, Exit, Critical, Commercial Suicide, Ingredients, Dispatch, Hospital, Samurai)

The creator of a new style of Drum and Bass music that fuses influences from all corners of the globe, Manchester based Drum & Bass producer Dub Phizix began his obsession with music over 20 years ago. By 10 years into his career, Dub Phizix was an accomplished producer, having made music in a variety of styles for MTV, BBC and Nokia. Forward to today and Dub Phizix is releasing music on his own SkeptaSonic label and other respected outlets such as Exit, Soul:R and Critical, with Mixmag calling his music 'Essential material'. His remix portfolio is also impressive with reworks for Atlantic Records, Hospital Records, Panjabi MC, Sizzla, and more. 

Marcus Intalex (Soul:r / Metalheadz)

Both as an artist and as a DJ, Marcus Intalex represents the forefront of soulful and musical Drum & Bass. Heading up the legendary Soul:r label, he has worked with artists such as Calibre and S.P.Y and has always sought to release quality music with lasting appeal. Marcus's DJ sets have earned him a reputation as a tastemaker, not afraid to test crowds with a high-quality selection from across the spectrum of Drum & Bass. A passion for House and Techno has always run deeply through his music, demonstrated by his recent success in those genres as Trevino.

Tokyo Prose (Samari)

Sam Reed aka Tokyo Prose has built an enviable foundation to a promising future in music. Initially as a duo, Tokyo Prose was discovered by DJ Presha and signed to Samurai Music as a core artist in a long-term development deal. The Tokyo Prose sound, whilst covering a lot of ground, always seeks to maintain a soulful, deep and polished aesthetic with a firm focus on musicality and groove. Tokyo Prose tunes has found himself into the crates of artists like Calibre, dBridge, DJ Marky, Presha, Lenzman, SpectraSoul, Logistics, London Elektricity, ASC and many more. Tokyo Prose DJ sets collect together the latest of Sam’s productions, alongside the freshest from the soulful side of Drum and Bass, fused with timeless classics that have shaped the way Sam produces his music.


With a reputation now stretching well over 15 years, DRS is a truly versatile MC, host, lyricist and recording artist. Cutting his teeth and touring worldwide with the legendary Good Looking label, his soulful style on the mic and honest lyrics are unmatched. He’s been an integral part of the Soul:r camp, recording tracks with Mist:ical, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, and Lynx, appearing as resident MC for Soul:ution and A Bunch of Cuts. Demonstrating the versatility and wide appeal of his unique style, he became part of the Toddla T Sound System as Toddla T's official MC. DRS has gained further recognition through repeatedly winning ‘Best MC ‘at the DNB Arena Awards. On top of all these achievements, DRS is also head of the Estate Recordings label in Manchester, part of hip-hop crew Broke’n’English, and a respected recording artist in his own right, with a massive debut LP ‘I Don't Usually Like MC's But’ to his name, and another on the way.

Job Vacancy: Marketing & Communications Manager

Job Vacancy: Marketing & Communications Manager

This is a key appointment to make a significant contribution to the marketing function of the Band on the Wall music venue.  The venue has been in operation for five years since re-launch and in that time has accumulated significant amounts of audience data and event statistics.  We are looking for an individual who is familiar with mining data to maximise return, through the efficient application of use of data to target specific niche groups, through appropriate marketing tools and strategies. 

The Marketing & Communications Manager will take principal responsibility for the direction and management of the marketing and promotion of the organisation and events at the venue and selected external venues.

The post holder will contribute to company development and strategic planning through their involvement with the Senior Management Team. They will be responsible for disseminating strategy and the ethos of the company to all staff and stakeholders.

To obtain further information and an application form for this post download the attached documents or email: Completed application forms, which can be emailed, to be returned by Monday 1st December.

*Inner City Music, a registered charity (No. 516351), operates Band on the Wall and is supported by Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery Fund and Manchester City Council.

More info:

An Interview with Clive Gregson of Any Trouble

Any Trouble

02 December / 19:30 / More Info / Buy Tickets

Ahead of their gig at Band on the Wall on Tuesday 2nd December, we got in touch with Any Trouble front man Clive Gregson, to ask him about the groups reformation, their association with the Stiff Records label and his personal songwriting inspiration.

Throughout your career you’ve always toured extensively, be it with Any Trouble, Gregson & Collister or Richard Thompson; is playing live the most rewarding aspect of being a musician?

I actually enjoy all the things I get to do as a musician: writing, recording, sessions, producing, touring etc. Playing live is really good fun and very satisfying... when it all goes well! Which, of course, it usually does!

What was the biggest influence on Any Trouble’s sound when you first united as a band? As the songwriter were you influenced by anyone in particular?

I think you'd get four completely different answers if you asked the band what influenced our sound! I've always been obsessed with The Beatles, Chris's guitar hero was Tim Renwick (Sutherland Brothers and Quiver), Phil wanted to be Kenny Gradney (Little Feat) and Mel was very into Genesis. And of course we didn't sound remotely like any of those bands at all! We were essentially a fairly basic two guitar/bass/drums band who somehow got spannered into New Wave... probably because we played pretty much everything at a furious tempo. Even the "slow" songs... 

As a writer, I would say my biggest influences would have been The Beatles / Stones / Who / Hollies / Kinks and 60s pop generally, Dylan, Randy Newman etc. I also listened to a lot of folkie stuff (especially Richard Thompson/JohnMartyn/Nick Drake...) and classic soul and Motown. Also Abba, The Byrds, The Bee Gees, The Clash... all kinds of stuff. I guess it all sticks and leaves some kind of impression...

The Stiff records label has been the subject of a BBC documentary and is famed for it’s daring approach to selling music. Are you proud of Any Trouble’s association with the label, and has it given the music released in the early years longevity?

I think that being able to say "we were signed to Stiff Records" is a bit like being able to say "I was in a Merseybeat bandin the 60s"... It was a great experience....  and I've pretty much lived off that start in the music business ever since! There is undoubtedly still a great deal of interest in Stiff and the music that came out on the label... and much of it has really stood the test of time. In general, I suspect that music that is not totally connected to a trend or fashion stands a much better chance of surviving... and heaven knows, most of Stiff's acts were not particularly fashionable! And Any Trouble was probably the least fashionable of the lot!

Is time apart crucial for a band to stay exciting for all it’s members? In re-uniting have you found you still play the same way as you did in the beginning, or has being part of other projects changed Any Trouble’s approach to performance?

I think the time apart was largely dictated by circumstances. We broke up in a blaze of apathy at the end of 1984 because we'd pretty much exhausted all of our options in terms of making any money! I figured it was probably better to stop while we were still getting along... Getting back together has also largely been dictated by circumstances... we all stayed in touch and we had a chance to do a reunion record for a revitalised Stiff Records in 2007 ("Life In Reverse")... so off we went, having not played together at all in the interim! We recorded the first song for that album... and it sounded exactly like Any Trouble! That either means that we've not learned a thing in the intervening 33 years... or that we'd got it deadright first time round... I'll let the listener make their own mind up on that...

Is creating an Any Trouble setlist an easy task, and do the entire group get involved in these decisions?

I'm just about to do it... so I'll let you know later! As with most things, if the whole group got involved we'd spend days in heated debate before not reaching any kind of concensus! So I’ll bosh something together and we'll drop the obvious train wrecks at the rehearsals... I'm sure that all the fan favourites will make the cut though!

Just announced: The Destroyers, 28th May.

The Destroyers

28 May / 19:00 / More Info / Tickets on sale tomorrow, 9am

The Destroyers are a collection of rogues and misfits surfing a tidal wave of horns, fiddles and guitars! Rapidly exploding from the 'Balkan Brass' genre they emerge as an anarchic orchestra of blazing passion and breathtaking originality.

So enter the big top and be immersed in the winding world of the hurdy-gurdy, the sonorous land of the tuba and the exotic realm of the duduk. Be ready to be engulfed by a wall of mesmerizing virtuosity and a whirlwind of frenzied dancing!

"Out of the inane cavalcade of Balkan Gypsy sound-alikes comes a blow-your-mind original... Minimum pretence and maximum style: Out Of Babel is a sophisticated tour de force.”  Songlines

Just announced: #freegig, 4th December.


04 December / 19:00 / More Info / Free Entry

Want to watch five great up-and-coming bands for absolutely free? Dawsons Music is hosting a #freegig night at Band on the Wall on Thursday December 4th so you can do just that!

It’s a great opportunity to support Manchester musicians maybe even see a new band before they break into the Industry.

Dawsons’ panel of experts will select the artists from audio and video uploads to its Facebook page.

If you’d like to be in with a chance to play Dawsons’ #FreeGig, all the details can be found here.

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